May 27

So almost two months ago my position was “eliminated.” Obviously I think this was a stupid move on their part, but I’m powerless to change it. A good friend even went to bat for me on it, but that would mean they’d have to admit to making a mistake and that just CANNOT HAPPEN. So here I am.

I did some work at a small startup but that petered out when their financing changed. No hard feelings and I know it happens.

But what to do now? I really want a new job since I have more than just myself to take care of. I had an interview with a local company the other day but apparently I don’t fit their “culture.” From what I gathered, though, that culture is enjoying not making a really competitive salary and working 12-hour days. Again, no hard feelings or anything. And I think I’m kind of glad it didn’t work out.

So I’m at home looking for jobs. I’ve applied to over 60 different places so far, most on the west coast, most of those in or around San Francisco. I’d be happy to stay here in Vegas but the job market is horrible here. I’m getting up every morning, just like if I had a job. I walk the dog, get dressed, and then sit down and start learning. The DjangoDash is this weekend and Chris and I are going to enter it. Python has been the focus this week thanks to that. I just got a couple of Flash/ActionScript books in, so that has to come up soon. I’m really interested in Flex. Maybe something will come up there. I’m also going to try to start blogging often again.

Anyway, if you know of anyone hiring, send ‘em my way.

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